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About Us

Sports For People With Special Needs

At the heart of RallyCap Sports is our vision of a world where people of all abilities can share in the joy of sports. We believe sports have the power to change the focus from disability to ability and ultimately change lives. At the foundation, our program offers a high quality sports league for children and young adults with special needs to participate in within their community throughout the year.

Our Mission

As chartered members of RallyCap Sports national, our chapter passionately supports the mission of RallyCap Sports:

"to create positive sports environments fostering social integration, healthy living, and greater self-confidence for children and young adults with special needs"

Our Story

When Paul Hooker was coaching a Little League Baseball team one day in 1990, he turned to a little girl in a wheelchair and asked her how she was doing. Frustrated with watching from the sidelines as her brother played, the little girl replied, "this stinks!". That two-word answer sparked a mission to create a program that would enable children and young adults of all abilities to enjoy and participate in sports.

Driven by this newfound philosophy, Paul and his wife Margo began a grass-roots softball league near their hometown in Central New Jersey, called Challenged Youth Sports. Over the years, the small league grew from a single-sport season to a year-round organization with nearly a dozen sports, impacting hundreds of families in the region.

As the 25th anniversary of Challenged Youth Sports approached, a new mission became clear: serve the special needs community on a national scale. In 2014 the organization reinvented itself as RallyCap Sports, and set out to create regional chapters at universities across the nation. RallyCap Sports launched its first chapter at Bowling Green State University, establishing the model for future chapters. 

The RallyFamily

At the center of it all are the heroes - our RallyPlayers! A "RallyPlayer" is a boy or girl age 7 or older, with physical and/or intellectual special needs who participates in RallyCap Sports programs and events. Each RallyPlayer is special in his or her own way and should be treated with respect and dignity. We believe our RallyPlayers can do anything they set their hearts and minds to and it is our mission to provide a place where they feel accepted, loved and supported.

All Are Welcome At RallyCap Sports

At RallyCap Sports we believe children and young adults with special needs should have the opportunity to enjoy sports just like anyone else! Inclusion is at the foundation of everything we do, so we have built a program that everyone can participate in. With a one-on-one dedicated Buddy, special needs sports equipment, and special sports plans our program is specifically designed to include everyone. RallyCap Sports is open to boys and girls, age 7 and older, with special needs of any kind anything that prevents them from playing sports with their peers. We believe our RallyPlayers are special no matter what abilities and needs they have, and together we will build a community where everyone gets to play!

Abilities Not "Disabilities"

In 2014, RallyCap Sports replaced all references to "disabled people" with the term "children and young adults with special needs." This umbrella term is most commonly used in the United States today to refer to an individual who has been diagnosed with a medical or psychological condition that requires specialized assistance. 

At RallyCap Sports, we believe that the use of limiting terminology such as "disabilities" hinders growth and caps expectations. We strive to create an environment in which our RallyPlayers can thrive and are empowered to achieve beyond what is expected of them. Our RallyPlayers often surprise themselves and their parents with the victories they experience in our sports sessions!

Meet the RallyFamily

RallyPlayer: a boy or girl, age 7 or older, with physical and/or intellectual special needs who participates in our RallyCap Sports programs and events.

Buddy: the passionate BGSU student volunteers of the RallyTeam who match up one-on-one with our RallyPlayers. Each Buddy has the unique opportunity to play one-on-one with their new friend during events, often they become a RallyPlayers best Buddy. 

RallyChapter: each branch of RallyCap Sports is referred to as a "RallyChapter". The first expansion chapter began at Bowling Green State University, and we are fondly referred to as the "BGSU RallyChapter".

RallyTeam: the group of passionate BGSU volunteers who work together to provide RallyCap Sports in the Bowling Green community. This team is comprised of mostly students and a few faculty/staff, who come from all corners and backgrounds of the university. The RallyTeam is student led and all members seek to advance the mission and vision of RallyCap Sports.

RallyCore: a group of dedicated BGSU students who manage and serve as leaders of the RallyTeam. This group of students work together to organize events, fundraise, recruit RallyTeam members and RallyPlayers, find RallyPartners, and much more! The "Core" is led by the Chapter Director and is a vital part of a successful RallyChapter.

RallyAdvisor: is the name of the BGSU faculty or staff member who oversees chapter activities as needed.

RallyPartner: any business or business owner that makes a financial or in-kind donation, such as a donation for RallyTeam t-shirts, equipment, or any donation that helps our chapter continue impacting lives.

To learn more about RallyCap Sports, who we are and what we do, please visit the national website at

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